WaveEdit 1.2 Release – Editor Waldorf MicroWave 1 using Win, Mac, VST

Relase 1.2 of the SysEx Editor for the original Waldorf MicroWave (so-called version 1) synthesizer delivers some bugfixes and enhancements, like:

– midi in and out LEDs
– you can play a note from the virtual keyboard with an endless echo / loop (standard edition)
– last used sound library files are opened automatically (standard edition)

Screenshot - WaveEdit 1.2 Windows VST in Bitwig Studio
WaveEdit 1.2 Windows VST in Bitwig Studio

Once again, there is a fully working free edition availlable, without some advanced ffeatures and running within limited time after release.

All version use the same installer you can download here, paid standard license is availlable here.

One installer for each plattform (Windows, MacOS) includes standalone and vst, 32 and 64 bit version.

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