All downloads require your acceptance of the license agreement.

The free edition is limited:

Sends/receives sound data only in standalone app and within 90 days after release.

May be updated as often as you like to.

Is for personal use only.

The standard edition license isn’t, and enables some more additional features.

System requirements

Midi in & out connected to your computer


Windows 7/8/8.1/10 required

Mac OS-X

At least OS-X 10.7 required

WaveEdit for Waldorf Microwave version 1

Screen resolution at least 1420 * 720 recommended

Current Version

waveedit Win 1.2.2 built 2020/01/12

waveedit Mac OS-X 1.2.2 built 2019/03/31

Previous Version

waveedit Win 1.2.1

waveedit Win 1.1.2

waveedit Mac 1.1.2

MatrixEdit for Oberheim Matrix 1000 [BETA]

Screen resolution at least 1280 * 720 recommended

Current Version

matrixedit Win 0.9.0